These chatbots will answer obvious questions so your bookkeeper won’t have to

Bookkeepers and accountants have a lot on their plate. Unfortunately, their ability to dedicate their time and efforts to their most important responsibilities is often hindered when they are forced to spend a significant part of their day answering recurring client questions or dealing with mundane tasks like sending invoices or paying bills.

Could Customers Soon Be Paying with Their Faces?

FinTech or financial technology has dramatically changed how businesses carry out transactions. The announcement of FacePay by UnionPay at the recently held Singapore FinTech Festival is the latest example in the development of this technology.

Medicalchain: This Startup Wants to Put Your Health Records on a Blockchain

The process is so familiar that it’s easy to ignore what a relic it is: you go to see a new doctor, and they make you recount your medical history on a sheaf of forms. That information is already out there somewhere—probably multiple somewheres—so that if it was stored in a digital format, it would take …