Soil to sale, ranch to register: IoT connects producers, distributors, retailers and consumers

IoT, because of its flexibility and, let us admit, complexity, gives CIOs and business leaders in similar roles pause. And this anxiety about the pain of implementing comprehensive digital transformation is causing some foot dragging. Delaying however could put your business at risk, potentially causing your business to fall behind and ultimately fail. Implementing IoT solutions offer the opportunity to sustain your business leadership, the ability to scale and create new types of sales/revenues, as well as cost savings.

Apple Hires Google’s A.I. Chief

Google’s Chief of Search and Artificial Intelligence, working directly under Apple’s Chief Executive Officer. Safe to say the company has no intention of lagging behind on this technology any longer.

How Do Digital Workspaces Engage Employees?

Gaining valuable insights from models that improve customer experience, companies are more convinced than ever before about the sweeping impact of technology on improving employee experience. Aware that better employee engagement translates to improved business outcomes, they are treating employees as customers. In fact, a good number of companies are looking at a holistic approach …