About Us

Many of us now lead lives that are fast-paced and revolve around technology at every conceivable moment. And the scope of digitization is only going to grow. In order to embrace the digital future, and indeed the present, we have joined hands to form the Digerati Community.

At Digerati, we believe that digital culture can be adopted by sharing our knowledge and insights, and promoting discussions on the latest in disruptive technologies. We’ll focus on the various industries where digital transformation has already made a significant impact, and also examine how other areas–industry sectors, geographies, and demographics–that are as yet untouched by the digital wave will be transformed by it in the near future.


While navigating the complex journey of digital transformation is critical for pretty much every industry sector and every business, there is no ‘one size fits all,’ when it comes to digital transformation. The primary goal of the Digerati initiative is to form a global, decentralized community of business leaders, technologists, and entrepreneurs at the forefront of digital transformation and the adoption of new technologies. Since our core mission is to evangelize the adoption of digital, we are also keen to connect with people and with businesses just starting their digital transformation journeys.

In actual execution, our core mission takes multiple forms, including networking events, conferences, newsletter and magazine, industry research and surveys, and more. Please get in touch to find out how you can contribute to our various initiatives.


Digital Transformation Summit is a curated event which offers Digital Leaders a platform to speak about various opportunities on the technological front.

Blockchain, IoT, Virtual and Augmented reality– technologies that have gained prominence in recent years, have been our topics of interest of late. Enhancing customer experience by adopting the right digital strategies has also been one of our key focuses.

At its core, the summit encourages the creation of business value, directing participants towards a path that would help them stay ahead in the game.