IBM Watson Shows Us How Machine Learning Is Transforming Cancer Care

Once it’s identified the key attributes for a given patient, Watson looks into a corpus of data that includes guidelines, textbooks, thousands of pages of journal articles, and published abstracts, while also relying on its expert training from doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering over thousands of cases. Then it makes evidence-based treatment recommendations for the physician to consider in deciding how to treat a given patient.

The ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Attack That Bedeviled Android For Months

When you download apps from Google Play that request the System Alert overlay permission, Android grants it automatically, no user approval required. That means malicious apps that ask for that permission can hide ill-intentioned activity behind innocuous-looking screens.

How I Used Deep Learning to Train a Chatbot to Talk Like Me (Sorta)

Chatbots are too often not able to understand our intentions, have trouble getting us the correct information, and are sometimes just exasperatingly difficult to deal with. As we’ll see in this post, deep learning is one of the most effective methods in tackling this tough task.