Why China’s Latest VPN Crackdown May Damage Its Economy

“Innovation, critical to China’s economic development as well as the success of U.S. companies in China, is stimulated through global cooperation, including open communication. We urge the government to take such concerns into account.”

AI-enhanced mobile trading app raises $25 million from Eastern Europe

Two major investors from Russia and Belarus have just invested $25 million in Capital.com, a trading app that is similar to Robinhood in the US or Trading212 in Europe — but with a specific AI-powered function that provides users with tailored content based on behavioral analysis.

Chinese smartphone makers closing the gap on iPhone, Samsung

Analyst Canalys’ latest smartphone market figures show third placed Huawei now nipping right at Apple’s heels. It said Huawei shipped 38 million units in the quarter vs Apple’s 41 million iPhones, with year-over-year growth at 20 per cent and two per cent respectively — the latter despite anticipation building for a significant iPhone refresh later in the year.