Virtual Reality and Your Smartphone

With VR as opposed to AR, however, the requirement of the most updated hardware and software isn’t quite as pertinent. Many of the VR experiences you can have with your smartphone can be online, requiring only fast internet and processing speeds.

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Chatbots For Your Business

Chatbots have been all the buzz these days. You see them in abundance in Facebook Messenger. What might be the reason for this sudden surge in chatbots? Why are they getting so popular?

Developing successful AI apps for the enterprise

In order to apply AI to the enterprise, developers first need to understand the importance of sourcing and cleaning the organization’s data, much of which is coming in unstructured formats like email, customer support chats, and PDF documents. This can be “unglamorous” work, but it’s also critical to building a successful NLP app, or chatbot.